The Lest We Forget Foundation is 501 c3 nonprofit organization that seeks to professionally train, equip and ultimately place recently discharged military combat veterans in the skilled professional vocational trade areas such as carpentry, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, heavy equipment operation, among other critical vocational trades.

Lest We Forget

Our primary focus Is to offer a viable alternative to honorably discharged military veterans that seek to acquire a skilled trade rather attend college as they seek to transition from military service back into society It is often stated that, “College is not for everyone.“ Lest We Forget offers the transitioning veteran the opportunity to acquire the required field training with professional skilled journeyman and foreman personnel in actual field conditions. Our fast-tracked program will expedite the learning curve for these veterans so that they can be gainfully employed quickly without spending 4 years in a college classroom surrounded by people that they have so little in common with.

Based upon our own personal experiences acquiring a useful skilled professional trade and finding professional steady employment are critical elements for any veteran returning back into society after completing their enlistment in the US Military. We offer this entire program at no cost to the veteran. Upon completion of the curriculum, the graduate will be awarded reliable vehicle transportation, basic hand tools and then given employment at a professional firm that will welcome him to their firm.

There is a shortage in all of the vocational trade areas. Our Lest We Forget organization seeks to help solve the acute shortage of skilled tradesman but even more importantly we offer the former Military service-people stability, gainful employment and pride in a new profession. This type of program offers immediate results that will far exceed the standard protocol taken by so many others.

For more information on Lest We Forget go to lestweforgetfound.org.