The moment that Dave and Cathy drove up the driveway of this Napa Valley property they knew it was special. The old oak forest, the enormous amounts of volcanic rock and the beautiful wildflowers made the property extremely appealing to both of them. Little did they know that some of those eye catching components would also make growing Cabernet grapes a perfect fit. The volcanic rock, the rich fertile soil and the cooler summer climate would all contribute to the growing of the exceptional fruit.

Dave and Cathy had spent about two months looking at properties in the Valley but none had the instant appeal that this property had. They also knew it would be a huge project, but for a building contractor and an interior designer they felt they could bring it to life. Ten years later they had gutted and remodeled the house, built a 6,000 sq. ft barn, landscaped, planted 160 olive trees and 3 ½ acres of Cabernet grapes. It was an immense project and took 5 years longer than they had planned, but their dream had come true.