We planted our First Avenue Vineyards starting in 1999. There are four individual blocks of Cabernet Sauvignon with a 337 clone. First Avenue sits at the heart of the Coombsville AVA which received its designation in 2011. Nathan Coombs laid out the original town site of the city of Napa in 1847 and started with First Street.

Coombsville was the ideal location, at the northernmost river entrance to the San Pablo Bay, to establish the beginning of this dynamic grape growing region. The Coombsville appellation is a bowl-shaped valley, surrounded by the foothills of the Vacas Range, the town of Napa proper and the Napa River. Most of the area was blanketed by the volcanic ash from Mount George, the tallest mountain in the range. Over thousands of years alluvial flows of rich loam pocketed with cobble-stone covered the volcanic ash. The gravelly loams and rocky volcanic soils drain easily and the ash sub-soils hold water, which the vines can access as the dry growing season progresses.