June 4

Where We Began…


Dave Krueger’s start in business began from the sale of a car.  With the profits of that car, ingenuity, and hard work he was able to launch his construction company in 1976.  He has been self-employed as a general contractor ever since, and Krueger Bros. Builders Inc. is still successfully operating today.  In that same year, he also married his wife Cathy.  Cathy’s passion and work are in interior design.

In 1999 Dave and Cathy moved to the Coombsville appellation of Napa Valley from Marin, CA.  The couple had spent two months looking at properties in the Valley, but none had the instant appeal of that which we now know as Krueger Estate.  The moment that Dave and Cathy drove up the driveway of this Coombsville property they knew it was special.  The old oak forest, the enormous amounts of volcanic rock, and the beautiful wildflowers made the property extremely appealing to them.  Little did they know that some of those eye-catching components were also signs of a perfect site for growing cabernet grapes.  The volcanic rock, the rich fertile soil, and the cooler summer climate would all contribute to the growing of exceptional fruit.

Additionally, the Krueger’s knew undertaking the 19-acre Coombsville property was an enormous project.  However, for an interior designer and experienced general contractor they believed they could bring new life to the land.  They gutted and remodeled the house, built a 6,000 square foot barn, landscaped, and planted 160 olive trees and 3 ½ acres of Cabernet grapes.  It was an immense project that took a total of 10 years to complete.  Their plan had taken 5 years longer than they had anticipated, but their dream had come to fruition.  Krueger Estate and First Avenue Vineyards had officially established their beginnings in the Napa Valley.

100% of our Profits

Dave Krueger learned hard work and incomparable life skills during his time in the United States Marine Corps as a combat infantryman.  He served from 1965 – 1969 when he was honorably discharged.  As a Vietnam veteran and because of his Marine Corps roots it is a passion of his to support fellow U.S. military combat veterans with their transition back into everyday civilian life.  First Avenue Vineyards donates 100% of its profits to the Lest We Forget Foundation.  This is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that seeks to professionally train, equip, and ultimately place recently discharged military combat veterans in skilled professional vocational trade areas such as carpentry, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, heavy equipment operation, and more critical vocational trades.  For more information on the Lest We Forget Foundation:


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